Medically Temporary Unfit

Medicine and other human performance related issues.

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Medically Temporary Unfit

Unread postby Peterpilot1952 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:24 pm

On the 28th Sept a Dr M Maponyane suspended my medical for the following reasons.
Provide annual Urologist report & S-SPA.
Submit Optometrist report of corrective vision ( your corrected nearer vision of N14 not acceptable for flying.
Lets start I have never had an annual Urologist report ever. I believe you get this when you have had cancer, I don't have.
My vision of not being able to read N14 without my reading glasses must be the joke of the year 80% of pilots over the age of 50 cannot read N 14 so I hope they ground most of SAA pilots as well.
This so called doctor ups and resigned from CAA and now I'm High and dry. you can call they don't answer you and my aviation doctor can mail no response what do I do any advice.
Mails sent to a Doctor Mashaphu on the 24th October no response.
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Re: Medically Temporary Unfit

Unread postby cage » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:48 am

When you did your medical didn't they take a urine sample?
Does your license specify you must fly with glasses? Usually that is what's needed.
Sounds like someone has missed something.

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