28 day validation for UK PART FCL PPL

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28 day validation for UK PART FCL PPL

Unread post by omnibaffle » Sat Sep 18, 2021 1:48 pm


I'm planning on spending Christmas / New Year in South Africa and am looking to fly whilst in the country. I'm a British Citizen, ordinarily resident in the UK and hold a UK Part FCL PPL (Not EASA Part FCL, following Brexit).

I'm hoping to benefit from the 28 day licence validation using form CA 61-01.15
(http://www.caa.co.za/Part%2061%20Licens ... -01.15.pdf)

I have some questions about the form and process

1.) Does the letter "Confirming date of arrival and departure and details of aircraft used" have to come from myself or a South African flying school. Does it have to specify particular aircraft registrations or can I specify an aircraft type (C172, P28A etc.)

2.) Does the briefing "covering local radio procedures, air law..." have to be carried out prior to application? if so, can it be carried out remotely (e.g. via zoom)

3.) How much of this process can be carried out from the UK before arrival in SA?

4.) Who can certify my license, medical, passport? Is a Head of training at my local ATO acceptable or must I use a UK based notary public?

5.) At the top of the form is a space for "Client Payment Code" ... how do I fill this in, if paying via a bank transfer from a UK bank?

6.) What is the current application fee?

7.) Do I have to submit anything to the UK CAA?

Some advice from anyone who has been through this process, especially if you're a UK licence holder would be helpful.

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Re: 28 day validation for UK PART FCL PPL

Unread post by stefan » Wed Sep 22, 2021 11:31 pm

I just did this for a US Sport pilot.

- First question would be which aircraft types you want to fly in RSA? The type which you will fly in RSA is what you specify.
- So the process is reasonably simple, send and e-mail to Amanda and Neo (they are listed on the validation notice) Attach a copy of your UK license. They will then first verify the validity of your UK license independently. Once verified they will ask you to send in the application form with a copy of your license and medical, pay the fees and they will then issue your validation to a school (ATO ) in RSA where you will do that briefing and practical at. (So find and ATO) The school will then hand over your validation once you completed the required briefings and flight test and sign you off in your logbook.
- You can send your airline ticket as proof of the dates.
- The whole process electronically apart from the practical in RSA. Do apply atleast 60 days before you come so now would be a good time.
- You are generally not allowed to do conversions on a validation but some countries don't have type ratings like we have in RSA, they only have class rating IAW if you have Single Engine Piston Land (SEPL) (LSA-600kg) we are then allowed to do type training and sign your logbook for the type seeing that your license allows you to fly it but here we require a type rating.
Hope it makes sense
- The fee for the Sport pilot validation was ZAR510

- I see you have the validation form for the NPL or LSA (equivalent) but your license seems to me a higher license as NPL (Part 62-LSA) will only allow you to fly 2 seat, 600kg MTOW aircarft.

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