Medically Temporary Unfit

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Medically Temporary Unfit

Unread post by Peterpilot1952 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:24 pm

On the 28th Sept a Dr M Maponyane suspended my medical for the following reasons.
Provide annual Urologist report & S-SPA.
Submit Optometrist report of corrective vision ( your corrected nearer vision of N14 not acceptable for flying.
Lets start I have never had an annual Urologist report ever. I believe you get this when you have had cancer, I don't have.
My vision of not being able to read N14 without my reading glasses must be the joke of the year 80% of pilots over the age of 50 cannot read N 14 so I hope they ground most of SAA pilots as well.
This so called doctor ups and resigned from CAA and now I'm High and dry. you can call they don't answer you and my aviation doctor can mail no response what do I do any advice.
Mails sent to a Doctor Mashaphu on the 24th October no response.
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Re: Medically Temporary Unfit

Unread post by cage » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:48 am

When you did your medical didn't they take a urine sample?
Does your license specify you must fly with glasses? Usually that is what's needed.
Sounds like someone has missed something.
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Re: Medically Temporary Unfit

Unread post by Ned Yakman » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:48 pm

In late September I received a similar letter (by registered post) dated 10th August. I persisted in chasing down the Doctor at the SACAA and she told me mine was "one of about a thousand" she'd had to send due to some medical records going missing from files while being transferred from the AIM to the SACAA (let's not even ask why they haven't gone to a digitised system!).

I explained that I'd passed my medical at the end of March and couldn't I just ask the doctors to email her copies of the eye and pulmonology tests results? At first she was very reluctant and said she would have to check if the AIM would permit this. To her credit, she got back to me 2 days later to say the copies of the results would do fine.

I asked why the SACAA was still using registered snail mail and pointed out that in my case, she'd declared me unfit on 10 Aug, but I only became aware of it when I received the letter on 25 September. In the meantime, I'd been flying, blissfully ignorant that I was illegal.

"It's not as if it is a life-or-death issue, so here at the CAA we'd take a lenient view on it," she said.

"I'm not sure any insurers would share that view if I had been involved in an accident and killed or hurt someone or damaged any property," I explained.

"I understand, but we have to send letters by post because we don't have a reliable and comprehensive email database," was her reply.

The following morning my doctor sent her the necessary test results and an hour later she sent me an email to say the restriction was lifted and I was good to fly again.
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Re: Medically Temporary Unfit

Unread post by Whirly » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:12 pm

The mind boggles! :smt101

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