VFR into IMC

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Ray W
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10000 and still climbing
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VFR into IMC

Unread post by Ray W » Wed Apr 13, 2016 3:11 pm

These stats are American but the concept is still the same

http://www.boldmethod.com/blog/lists/20 ... -into-imc/
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HJK 414
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Re: VFR into IMC

Unread post by HJK 414 » Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:10 pm

Ray - I think there is a lot of fact in there that applies to all countries and flying conditions....

It is often a matter of complacency ..." will just duck through this cloud ....." or will "just fly a short spell above those clouds ...", and that is where the drama starts .....

You can be lucky 100 times - but one day - you are going to get stuck over cloud - and you will have to descend through it down to VMC - or worse - you have been ducking under it (scud running) and you end up with nowhere to go - and the cloud or fog closes in behind you .... Then you are in deep <<moderated - language>>.....

If you have an auto-pilot and a GNS - you may be able to work yourself out of it ...... wings level and terrain indications on your GNS ......
(it avoids the leans and you can steer with autopilot course / track changes .......) but in most cases the aircraft are not equipped as they are for VMC only and the pilot has few options..... Unpressurised he can only climb so far - and without terrain indications - he is in deep sh@t if he tries to dodge hills and telegraph poles on a low level escape.....

Simple ...... when in doubt - turn back - or LAND !!
It may seem exiting - but your family will not be impressed if you end up in a heap in a meadow......


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