R22 or R44 with USA N reg?

Two-seat R22 and four-seat R44 helicopters.

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R22 or R44 with USA N reg?

Unread post by ehs » Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:18 pm

Hope it's allowed to post the same post in two forums, if not someone please advise and I will delete it, but this in the General section so wondered if it shouldn't actually be in the Robbie section

Hi All, it's going to be a real uphill battle getting my RSA comm back while getting my FAA comm valid would be "relatively" easy.

Does anyone know of a R22 or R44 locally still N registered?

Any ideas of what it would cost to import from the USA a R44 with low hours but sneaking up on the dreaded 12 year overhaul/rebuild - maybe that would reduce the price and if I could nail down a bunch of hours (relatively speaking) while it's still N-registered it could maybe make it a paying proposition?

Full disclosure here - trying for lateral thinking and this is a fishing expedition and don't know if this isn't totally off the charts, metaphorically-speaking :D

Anyway any ideas would be really welcome ...
Eddie Haynes-Smart

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