Heavy ocean !

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Re: Heavy ocean !

Unread post by vanjast » Wed May 16, 2018 7:35 pm

Was off Crayfish Factory (Witsands) the one day in 8-10ft surf.
Got to the bottom of one wave and started to turn... The board was vibrating like crazy (you could hear the sound of it) and then my right knee gave in with the pressure, and had to staighten out quickly before the wave donnered me... :lol:
Made it, but I went to shore as my surfing was over for that day.. hobbling around
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Re: Heavy ocean !

Unread post by richard C » Thu May 17, 2018 8:36 am

My worst:

Dart KZN Championships - late 1990's.

Crewing for a friend of my brother. We tacked away from the beach out to sea when the wind freshened suddenly (ie, a buster) to 66 knots (measured in Vetchies, who knows what it was out at sea).

After several capsizes we got blown out past Umhlanga, along with two other Darts - the rest of the fleet managed to stay on their inshore tack straight onto the swimming beaches. It took rescue "Husky" an hour-and-a-half to round up the three Darts. We had unhooked the sails, the main had gone over the side but was still hooked on at the main block and vang - thus acting as a great big drogue.

For 90 minutes I stood on the tramp, braced against the mast, watching each 10 meter roller approach, lift us up heavenwards, swamp me chest-deep in white water, then deposit us back in the next trough. In the troughs you were surrounded by gigantic walls of near vertical water, it was quiet and eerie !!

The whole experience was awesome - and helped me overcome a long-standing fear of big waves. The tow back to Vetchies is a story in its own right.
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Re: Heavy ocean !

Unread post by Kortbroek » Thu May 17, 2018 9:30 am

The southern ocean can be fun. A few years ago on the Agulhas 2 we had some fun seas, 10-12m swell with the odd 16-17m wave thrown in for good measure. Added to that the Agulhas 2 with its rounded hull doesn't really cut through waves, it rides on/over them which makes it pitch quite a lot. Unfortunately don't have any photos from the real heavy seas, didn't go on deck in those conditions. What amazed me was in really rough conditions it is actually hard to judge the size of the waves/swell until you notice that the ship is climbing up out of troughs.

Here a video one of the guys made of that trip.

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