Bearhawk LSA

Designed by engineer Bob Barrows, the BEARHAWK is being built in many countries around the world.

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Bearhawk LSA

Unread post by Jayson v Schalkwyk » Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:45 am

Announcing the Newest Addition to the Bearhawk Family.

The Bearhawk LSA Bearhawk designer Bob Barrows has done it again. With the success of his popular 4-place Bearhawk and the sporty 2-place Bearhawk Patrol behind him, Barrows turned his attention to his next creation, the Bearhawk LSA. Barrows unveiled his new LSA at Airventure (Oshkosh) this year and the response was overwhelming and plans sales are going well. Even though the new Bearhawk LSA looks similar to the Bearhawk Patrol (2-place
with a roomy cockpit for the big guys), the LSA is really a clean sheet design, with an all new airfoil designed in part by Harry Riblett. The LSA construction is similar to Barrows’ previous projects, with the fuselage and tail surfaces using the traditional 4130 Chromalloy tube and fabric design. The wings are an all-aluminum, flush-riveted design, with a single strut.

The prototype LSA came in at 728 lbs. empty weight, with an aluminum prop and no electrics. Barrows estimates that 750 pounds is a realistic empty weight for a builder who works hard to keep the airplane light. With the LSA maximum gross weight of 1320 lbs. This 2-place LSA has a very respectable useful load. Barrows has said that the airplane is really designed for a max gross weight of 1500 lbs, so there is a built-in margin of safety for
those who do not have to fly under the LSA rules. Barrows reports an economy cruise speed of about 100 mph sipping only 4 GPH with
the 65 HP Continental engine. Not many vehicles can produce 25 miles per gallon at 100 miles per hour. If you want to get there a bit faster, you can push it up in cruise to 120 mph burning about 6 GPH.

As of now the Bearhawk LSA is only available as a plans-build project, but Bearhawk Aircraft is in the process of tooling up to start manufacturing quickbuild kits for the new LSA, just like they do for the four-place Bearhawk and two place tandem Patrol. Many builders will find the kits to be a good value considering the thousands of hours saved.

Bearhawk LSA Specifications at 65/100 horsepower:

Top Speed: 140mph
Cruise Speed: 100-125mph
Landing Speed: 30mph
Fuel Capacity: 30 gallons
Empty Weight: 750+ pounds
Wing Span: 34 feet
Wing Area: 170 square feet
Length: 22 feet 3 inches
Cabin Width: 31 inches
Cabin Length: 97 inches
Takeoff Roll: 200-400 feet
Fuel Burn: 4-6 gallons per hour
Gross Weight: 1320-1500 pounds (1320 lbs. if flown in LSA category)

For Plans

Bob Barrows,
R & B Aircraft

For Kit Info

Bearhawk AircraftCo.

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Re: Bearhawk LSA

Unread post by Avgas » Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:04 am

Gees that looks good.
What is the weight comparison continental vs 912
I can settle for one.
Quick build kit this time. Plans build ,eish never again
I will finish my Bearhawk 260 one day but will buy wing kit :oops:
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