First New Cubby Frame . Now ZU-DRO

A 75% replica of the original J-3 Piper cub.

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Re: First New Cubby Frame . Now ZU-DRO

Unread post by Jean Crous » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:41 pm

We reset the tailplane angle of incidence, and done a test flight. :D Now , flying solo, I have to trim nose up ever so on where we want it. With myself 100kg in the front, and a 95kg person in the back the tail comes up at 45mph and is stabelized at 50mph , the aircraft is well balanced at this speed on the main gear, with almost no forward stick pressure required.
During a low level above the runway the aircraft was well balanced, and landing was no problem with no unwanted tendencies to swing in any direction, with the added weight in the rear seat.
With just myself in the front seat , the tail comes up at 40mph and is stable at 45mph. Landing in a 3 point attitude I can get the tailwheel on the ground before the mains at 45-50mph.
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